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Communication Marketing Book Reviews

Marketing Book Review #12: The Clarity Factor

Marketing Book Review: #12

Title: The Clarity Factor: The Four Secrets to Being Clearly Understood
Author: Ray DiZarro
Published: 2000
Pages: 107
Theme: Communication


About: Ray writes about the greatest way to achieve human connection: communication.
He doesn’t just write about the tips, he puts his tips into a socratic dialogue and story about a career woman who wants to have a smoother life and greater connection between her employees, her son, and her husband.


My Take: Clear communication is the real building block of effective marketing. If you are clear and your design is beautiful, you have a great chance of succeeding. I wasn’t prepared to read this book and just read about a story of a woman trying to communicate more effectively; however, this story will probably stay with me much longer than a long grocery list of things to remember before I write or say something.


3 Takeaways:
1. Talking to someone in terms of their interest is not some type of communication trick, it is a genuine way of getting past barriers and being able to connect with someone on their level. Indeed, people can only see the world that way.
2. Focus on the getting the task completed, not on all of the emotionality around that task.

3. Pay more attention to the subtle body communication one gives along with whatever they are saying. You are communicating more than you think, and if you keep getting the same response – it may be that your body language is louder than anything else you’re saying.

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Marketing Book Review #10: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Marketing Book Review: #10

Title: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Author: Seth Godin
Published: 2003
Pages: 145
Theme: Marketing

About: Seth is a prolific book author. This book is about the new paradigm shift within marketing. Seth talks about the TV-Industrial complex: tv commercials mixed with mass production vs. remarkable products engineered by quality marketers for niche audiences.

My Take: I think Seth makes a good point about how new marketing is taking shape: remarkable products/services mixed with showmanship for a niche community that explodes with joy with every new adjustment the company makes.

3 Take Aways:
1. “After the early adopters embrace what you’re selling, they are the ones who will sell it to the early majority – not you. And they will sell it poorly.”
2. “The way you break through to the mainstream is to target a niche instead of a huge market. Then, create an ideavirus so focused that it overwhelms that small slice of the market that really and truly will respond to what you sell.”

3. “Kmart has plenty of awareness. So what?” – Sergio Zyman

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Marketing Book Review #9: Growing Your Digital Business: Expanding Your Social Web

Marketing Book Review: #9

Title: Growing Your Digital Business: Expanding Your Social Web

Author: Colin Wilkinson
Published: 2013
Pages: 55
Theme: Digital Entrepreneurship, Business Finances, Customer Relations, Marketing

About: This is a short book within the Digital Entrepreneurship series that is focused on a few key items of startups and marketing.

Here is the Table of Contents:
I. The Finances of Doing Business
II. Growing Your Business, Inside and Out
III. How Your Customers Can Work For You
IV. Updates and Improvements: Keeping Customers Engaged
V. Moving Into New Markets

3 Take Aways:
1. “…often just fifteen minutes will be enough to record any expenses and revenue…” (pg. 9)

2. “It is also important to make your product easy for new customers to find.” (pg. 25)
3. helps manage feedback from customers.

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Book Review #8: The Little Blue Book of Marketing: Build a Killer Plan in Less Than a Day

Marketing Book Review: #8
Title: The Little Blue Book of Marketing: Build a Killer Plan in Less Than a Day

Author: Paul Kurnit and Steve Lance
Published: 2009
Pages: 273
Theme: Marketing Plan, Collaboration, Consensus Building, SWOT

About: Paul and Steve go over the details of organizing all of the movers and shakers within an organization in order to get them to come up with their brand identity and how to effectively position it within a competitive market.

My Take: The first half of the book goes over the details of how to organize a group of people to create a marketing plan. I got a lot more out of the second half of the book (starting at pg. 97) that went over the details of creating a marketing plan.

3+ Take Aways:
1. Prioritize your strengths
2. List your key products and/or services in your line that fulfill your brand promise.
3. “Does the product line offer a strong complement of attractive price points to power customer usage and loyalty?”
4. “What unique and meaningful benefit does my brand extend to my customers?” (pg. 116)

5. “Without a crystal-clear and distinguishing position, you have no shot of building a workable Plan, let alone a successful business.”

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Marketing Book Review #7: Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising

Book Review: #7

Title: Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising
Author: Ryan Holiday
Published: 2013
Pages: 144
Theme: Social media, marketing, growth hacking, growth, social media marketing, marketing strategies

About: Ryan is the bridge from old marketing to new marketing, which is based not on impressions and brand awareness but audience conversion through testing.

My Take: I loved this book. It spoke to me and has completely changed my worldview on marketing and how to create growth for companies and organizations.

3 Take Aways:
1. Start with a minimum viable product and improve on it through feedback, instead of launching with what we think is the final product, until it is white hot and will blow people’s minds.
2. Growth hackers believe that products, even whole businesses, and business models can and should be changed until they are primed to generate explosive reactions from the first people who see them.

3. You must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for them.

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Marketing Book Review #6: Increasing Your Tweets, Likes, and Ratings

Marketing Book Review: #6

Title: Increasing Your Tweets, Likes, and Ratings
Author: Suzanne Weinick
Published: 2013
Pages: 64
Theme: Social media, mobile marketing

About: This is a short book that goes over some of the basics of social media, blogging, and mobile apps. But it mostly goes over how to market your mobile app.

3 Take-Aways:
1. “The only way to stand out from your competitors is to do something different.”
2. “Don’t expand your business before you master what’s on your plate.”

3. “Social media is a great way to share information with your target audience without the traditional costly forms of advertising and marketing.”

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Marketing Book Review #5: Contagious – Why Things Catch On

Title: Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Author: Jonah Berger
Published: 2013
Pages: 233
Theme: Viral Marketing

About: Jonah deconstructs the recipe that makes things not only go viral, but valuably viral. It is full of great stories and practical advice that you can begin applying to your marketing right away.

My Take: This has to be one of the best marketing books on new marketing. I like how fresh and relevant the content is and how valuable the strategies are that he gives. I think, overall, it’s a bit disjointed and a bit heavy to get through; however, almost every page is worth reading.

3 Take-Aways:
1. “If something is built to show, it’s built to grow.”
2. While traditional advertising is still useful, word of mouth from everyday Joes and Janes is at least 10 times more effective for 2 reasons:
a. it’s more persuasive
b. word of mouth is more targeted

3. The most powerful marketing is personal recommendation.

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Marketing Book Review #4: How to Write a Marketing Plan

Title: How to Write a Marketing Plan
Author: John Westwood
Published: 2006
Pages: 106
Theme: Marketing Plans

About: This is a quick read on how to create a marketing plan from the perspective of a 65+ employee sized company that does not feature any social media.

My Take: It’s interesting to read how old marketing was done without the new social channels of communication. I liked how the author went over the specific definitions of a marketing plan and gave examples on what these were like. I was able to use some of the parts right away in my own business.

3+ Take-Aways:
1. “Your company’s ability to generate cash flow will be dependant, to a large extent, on the degree of market dominance that you have over your competitors.”
2. “If customers are unaware of your product, they will not buy it.”
3. Marketing Audit: detailed examination of the company’s marketing environment, specific marketing activities, and its internal marketing system.

4. Market segment = group of customers who all have similar needs

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Marketing Book Review #3: Tribes by Seth Godin

Title: Tribes: We need You to Lead Us

Author: Seth Godin
Published: 2008
Pages: 148
Theme: Leadership, Community, Action, Movements, Social Media

About: Seth creates the concept of the Tribe, in terms of products, services, movements, and action via an impassioned individual who has vision and creates direction and empowers others to follow.

3 Take-Aways:
1. “Brown cows are boring, purple cows are worth mentioning.”
2. “Today, marketing is about engaging with the tribe and delivering products and services with stories that spread.”
3. “Leaders generate movement.”

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Marketing Book Review #2: Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online

Title: Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online


Author: Chris Brogan
Published: 2010
Pages: 320
Theme: Blogging, Marketing, Content Writing, Trends, Internet, Digital Marketing, Website Marketing, Social Media


About: Chris writes to the individual who is looking to slowly integrate into the online world. His overarching theme is about being honest, create and share something of real value, and bring others along on that journey – mostly while doing so on your blog and Twitter.


The amount of his practical advice and where he points the reader to find value online is incredible. I think the most beneficial part of the book is how he reorients the reader to the real principles of new communication platforms i.e., sharing, authenticity, honesty, value, friendliness, professionalism, and collaboration.  


3+ Take-Aways:
1. “Write what you’re capable of sustaining.”
2. “If you’re not out looking for customers, don’t moan that you don’t have any.”
3. “The way to build relationships and get more business is to help other people get business.”
4. “Commenting is just as important as blogging.”

5. “Maintain a presence.”

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