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Marketing Book Reviews

Marketing Book Review #1: Marketing Outrageously: How to increase your revenue by staggering amounts Review

Title: Marketing Outrageously

Author: Jon Spoelstra
Published: 2001
#of pages: 249
Theme: Quality + Surprise + Fun + Making Things Easier + Fulfilling Their Interests = Outrageous Marketing

3 Take-Aways:

1. Raise revenue by marketing
2. “If you correctly identify yourself, you can hit the jackpot.”
3. “Market like crazy.”
4. “There are mystical, magical moments out there for companies that push the outrageous envelope and recognize who they are and what business they are in.”

About: Jon took upon himself the responsiblity of increasing revenue through marketing. From this premise, he uses his creativity, writing, and tact to streamline products and services in unique and creative ways to the market and to dominate in his niche. 

Final Thoughts: Fantastic book that is energizing and built on solid, non-hype principles.
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