Marketing Book Review #11: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

My 3 Takeaways:
1. “Marketing on the web is not about generic banner ads designed to trick people with neon color or wacky movement. It is about understanding the keywords and phrases that our buyers are using and then deploying micro-campaigns to drive buyers to pages replete with the content they seek.”

2. “You are what you publish.”

3. What are your buyers’ informational needs?

About: David tries to convince the traditional press release marketer that the rules of engagement have significantly changed – one should not market information exclusively to press agencies. They should reorganize their engagement methods to interact directly with buyers and supply them not with gimmicks and advertising but useful information that will establish a long-term, digital relationship.

My Take: This is my 3rd favorite book on new marketing following Contagious and Growth Hacking. David’s book is a great transitional piece that guides you into the new standards of communicating your services, product, and cause directly to people who want that information. 5 stars.


Marketing Book Review: #11
Title: The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to use social media, blogs, news releases, online video, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly
Author: David Meerman Scott
Published: 2010
Pages: 270
Theme: Blogging, Press Releases, New Marketing, Web Navigation, Podcasting, Video Production, Search Engine Marketing,

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