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Marketing Book Review #9: Growing Your Digital Business: Expanding Your Social Web

Marketing Book Review: #9

Title: Growing Your Digital Business: Expanding Your Social Web

Author: Colin Wilkinson
Published: 2013
Pages: 55
Theme: Digital Entrepreneurship, Business Finances, Customer Relations, Marketing

About: This is a short book within the Digital Entrepreneurship series that is focused on a few key items of startups and marketing.

Here is the Table of Contents:
I. The Finances of Doing Business
II. Growing Your Business, Inside and Out
III. How Your Customers Can Work For You
IV. Updates and Improvements: Keeping Customers Engaged
V. Moving Into New Markets

3 Take Aways:
1. “…often just fifteen minutes will be enough to record any expenses and revenue…” (pg. 9)

2. “It is also important to make your product easy for new customers to find.” (pg. 25)
3. helps manage feedback from customers.

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