#1: Brand Consulting

How do you stand out from the crowd? What position are you taking with your brand offerings to compete with your competition? Branding is more than just a good image. You have to have the right message with the right positioning for the right audience. I’ve worked with dozens of brands helping them achieve that elusive success they know is waiting for them. Here are the brand services I offer:

  • Brand positioning
  • Clarifying your brand services, programs, and product lines to dovetail with your brand position
  • Brand imaging


#2: Website Content Assistant

I can help you update your current website. If you would like to add a post to your blog, new hours, updated, staff, photos or videos to your website, I can do that for you. I offer hourly rates and also monthly packages. If you need a new design for your website, I offer compelling packages.

  • Website maintanence
  • Website security
  • Update website content


#3: Social Media Coordinator

Social media is the new modern influence. I’ll help you find a winning strategy that will give you the best ROI for the web. Give your business the exposure it needs to gain modern influence.

• A document outlining the most appropriate social media channels for your organization, strategies for usage, goals and key metrics to evaluate success
• Expert consultation on messaging, scheduling and frequency
• Tailored suggestions for style, tone, and types of content to best showcase your Organization


#4: Google Search Coordinator

People are searching for your business service on the web. I’ll help you craft a winning strategy to rank higher in google search engines.

  • google search coordination
  • google maps optimization
  • google listings optimization

#5: Podcast Producer for Executives

Are you ready to clarify your voice, strengthen your brand position, and reach new levels of professionalism? I’ve helped dynamic leaders achieve their podcast dreams, and I’d love to help you.