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Marketing Book Review #12: The Clarity Factor

Marketing Book Review: #12

Title: The Clarity Factor: The Four Secrets to Being Clearly Understood
Author: Ray DiZarro
Published: 2000
Pages: 107
Theme: Communication


About: Ray writes about the greatest way to achieve human connection: communication.
He doesn’t just write about the tips, he puts his tips into a socratic dialogue and story about a career woman who wants to have a smoother life and greater connection between her employees, her son, and her husband.


My Take: Clear communication is the real building block of effective marketing. If you are clear and your design is beautiful, you have a great chance of succeeding. I wasn’t prepared to read this book and just read about a story of a woman trying to communicate more effectively; however, this story will probably stay with me much longer than a long grocery list of things to remember before I write or say something.


3 Takeaways:
1. Talking to someone in terms of their interest is not some type of communication trick, it is a genuine way of getting past barriers and being able to connect with someone on their level. Indeed, people can only see the world that way.
2. Focus on the getting the task completed, not on all of the emotionality around that task.

3. Pay more attention to the subtle body communication one gives along with whatever they are saying. You are communicating more than you think, and if you keep getting the same response – it may be that your body language is louder than anything else you’re saying.

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