How Can I Benefit You?

I’ve been in the new media marketing business since 2011. I’ve figured out clear strategies that get your service, podcast, library, law firm, or insurance company noticed in a professional way online. I can help you rank higher on Google search and connect the right keywords your customers or clients are searching for right now. I can also help you create your own mini, media empire just by using your own voice.

Here is my current work:

I’m the Podcast Producer for Library Leadership Podcast. I host and manage the website and invented the show with the host, Adriane Herrick Jaurez. The show itself now ranks 3-5th in the world for the keyword phrase, Library Leadership.

This result has a lot to due with my SEO strategy for the show and how I’ve used foundational positioning to get the show ranked on the first page. These are extraordinary results, so they not be the same for your show; however, the foundational positioning and content strategy is applicable to any niche.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s connect and meet online to see how I might benefit your organization. I look forward to hearing from you!